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Исполняет: Коловрат

Песня: My Journey To The Stars

Добавлена: 2016-12-11

Песня скачана: 342


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Текст этой песни:

I Immaterialize
And Slowly Drift
Into the Unknown
With the Cold Winds with Soul
The Wintery Plains Lie Untouched
I Ride on My Elements
Towards the Stars Unseen
A Quest
For Knowledge
In the
Stench Intensifies
As I
Near a Spectral Sphere
After a Hundred
Men's Lifetime
In Analyzing
I learn
To Consume
The Sphere
Of Immense Power
And To
Become Immortal
Darkness Hate and Winter
Rules the Earth when I Return
Between Races
A Goal Is Reached
Chaos, Hate

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Masche - My Journey to the Stars (Tribute to Burzum)
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