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Исполняет: Коловрат

Песня: Pulling on the Boots

Добавлена: 2017-03-20

Песня скачана: 227


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Текст этой песни:

Pulling on the boots, and threading up the laces
Shaving our heads, and strapping on the braces
There you have a skinhead, looking for a fight
Skinhead, skinhead, running through the night

Skinhead, skinhead, running through the night
Making lots of trouble, starting lots of fights
Skinhead, skinhead, getting really...
Skinhead, skinhead, tattooed on the wrist!
Make it to the laneway, waiting for the scum
Smash their yellow faces, kick their... bum
When they plee for mercy, we will show none
Skinhead, skinhead, 'til the job is done

Skinhead, skinhead, putting on the boot
Looking for a streetfight, looking for a root
Skinhead, skinhead, running through the place
Skinhead, skinhead, stompin' on your face!
When the coppers see us, at first they pull the gun
But when they see us come towards, then they start to run
When we wear our badges it make us feel proud
Skinhead, skinhead, shout it out loud!
Wir ziehen uns die Stiefel an
Und schnren sie uns zu
Rasieren unsere Kpfe
Und schlagen sie uns ein
Das ist ein Skinhead
Wartend auf den Kampf
Skinheads, Skinheads,
Ziehen durch die Stadt
Skinhead, skinhead, skinhead, skinhead...

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