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Песня: Rest in Piece

Добавлена: 2016-12-18

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Rest in Piece

"Самое драгоценное, что есть на Земле - это наш собственный народ,
и ради этих людей, и вместе с ними мы будем сражаться,
и будем бороться, и никогда не позволим себе расслабиться,
и никогда не устанем, и никогда не будем колебаться,
и никогда не усомнимся в правильности однажды избранного пути.
Да здравствует наше движение! Да здравствует наш народ!"
- Адольф Гитлер

The reds destroyed all evidence,
Of Hitler which was left,
Like vultures on his empire,
As soon as he was dead.

The offspring of his nation,
Could never understand,
As the trigger-mad communists
Stole the German's land.

Hail white race!

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer!
One People, one Nation, one Land!

Supposed SS-criminals,
We're tortured and then killed,
As Hitler's loyal subjects,
Suddenly disappeared.

The government told us children lies,
About how the war was won,
But we were not taken in,
Our Fuehrer still lives on!

Hail white race!


So salute the true Leader,
For he was never died,
He'll always be remembered,
He lives on in our hearts and mind,

The jewish lies disgraced his name,
Hoping we'd forget (fucking kikes),
But Adolf Hitler still lives on,
His spirit is not dead (Sieg heil!)!

Chorus (x2).

Hail white race!

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Kolovrat (Коловрат) - Rest In Peace (Squadron)
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