Скачать United, White And Proud исполнителя Коловрат

Исполняет: Коловрат

Песня: United, White And Proud

Добавлена: 2016-12-08

Песня скачана: 142


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Текст этой песни:

Skins in the Midwest shooting it out
Showing all the niggers what it's all about
Confederate skins are stabbing their trash
United, White & Proud - ready to bash

United, White & Proud - Proud to be White
United, White & Proud - Ready to fight
United, White & Proud - On the attack
United, White & Proud - Gonna take our nation back

East coast crew are bashing the fags
Smashing local homos dressed up in drag
Northern skins getting stronger everyday
United, White & Proud - leading the way


Skins in the West beating the scum
Causing all the muds to be on the run
American skinhead is ready for war
United, White & Proud - we'll even the score

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Kolovrat (Коловрат) - United, White And Proud (Nordic Thunder)
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